Worship is top priority

Playing piano in worship
Our gathering together for worship each Sunday is definitely the most vital aspect of our fellowship. At Lumley, we meet in various ways but Sunday is the key day.
Sunday mornings
At 10.30am the focus is on all-age worship so families with young children are especially welcome. The meetings are varied and lively and we don't mind if the children make a little noise or even have an occasional wander. It's not a problem till it becomes a problem and most sensible parents can work that one out.
The first half hour can comprise elements such as contemporary worship songs, a hymn, a story, maybe a movie clip, some drama or an activity that explains some aspect of the Bible. After that, the children and young people move into their own small groups for teaching and activities relevant to their age and ability. If the service includes communion everyone comes together again for that.
The remainder of the service will normally be a sermon led by our minister or a local preacher. The whole service follows a Scripture Union theme for 'all ages'.
Sunday evenings
These meetings start at 6.00pm and their focus is on the Scriptures. Most of the congregation will be adults and the worship will be a mix of traditional hymns and modern songs. The service will normally last an hour or more and after a benediction some will leave and some will stay for an extended time of worship and prayer.
Sometimes there is a worship band and sometimes just a single instrument. Occasionally there may be no music at all.
Worship leaders
We are fortunate to have several recognised worship leaders and they will lead most services each Sunday so that the preacher can concentrate on bringing God's word.
Yes, there is tea and coffee and juice available after each service and plenty of time to catch up with each others news. Regularly we will even have a proper Sunday lunch together, cooked by members of the church. It's all good fellowship!
Worship at other times
All home group meetings and mens prayer breakfasts incorporate a time of worship.
Worship continues to be a subject of discussion and debate in the life of the church. Style and content each have importance and we continue to seek God for what pleases Him rather than what suits our own preferences.